In the times we live, the body of Christ needs more than ever to be equipped and prepared to bring in the harvest of souls. You will learn the biblical basis and foundations of the prophetic and how we as Christians are to be the prophetic voice to the lost. This two-day Prophetic Boot Camp takes you on a journey beginning with an introduction to the prophetic, learning to hear the voice of God, and gives you a greater understanding of what the Lord has instructed us to do in his word, and the opportunity to embrace it!

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The team at Extreme Prophetic UK want to partner with local churches and ministries. We are committed to relationship and networking. Our heart, is to strengthen and support other ministries. Although we lead and direct the schools, we work with the local churches/ministries who host and facilitate the schools.

We will advertise your school free of charge through e-mail announcements that are distributed to approaching a thousand people, at other events, in addition to being on the Extreme Prophetic UK website which attracts people from across Europe. The team’s desire is to not only bless you but to increase the visibility of your ministry and outreach.

Most of the schools will have a schedule similar to the one below, although we are flexible in the duration and days the School takes place. All sessions, however, are subject to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Please note that some sessions are designed to invite moves of the Holy Spirit rather than instruction. We are committed to following His leading.     

Thursday afternoon
Team arrive and begin to organize.
  Thursday evening
Team is available to minister to the church leadership if desired.
  Friday morning
(9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.) Registration
  Friday morning
(9:30 a.m. – noon) Morning session
  Friday afternoon
(2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.) Afternoon session
  Friday evening
(7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.) Evening session
  Saturday morning
(9:30 a.m. – noon) Morning session
  Saturday afternoon
(2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.) Afternoon session
  Saturday night
(7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.) Evening session


1. The team does NOT charge any fee or request any honorarium to minister with you. They are with you to serve and they trust the Lord to meet their needs.
  2. We will receive one free-will offering per day that will be designated towards missions and ministry outreach. We will also give an invitation for prayer and financial partnership at some point in the School.
  3. The host church is responsible for travel costs for between two and four people.  If the school is outside the UK, then this will mean up to four airfares. We will endeavour to purchase tickets as early as possible to reduce the costs for you and if for any reason the school is cancelled after they have been purchased we will need to recover these costs from you.
  4. The host church is responsible for airport pick-ups and drop-offs and for transporting the team back and forth to the sessions.
  5. The local church cares for accommodations and meals for the team. We are happy to be hosted with church families (comfortable and quiet environment) and to eat home cooked meals. Expensive hotel rooms and restaurant meals are not necessary.
  6. The host church is responsible for setting up the facility, sound, janitorial needs, and providing resource tables in a visible location.


7. The host church is responsible for advertising in the local church, region, and through any email list they have, as well as producing and distributing handouts, posters etc.
  8. We suggest the sponsoring church have a website with all the pertinent information (i.e. registration info, school fee, contact phone numbers, map of church or directions, accommodation information). Your ministry could receive lots of exposure because of our own website and email lists mentioning the schools. You may borrow the school description and/or the graphics from our school web-sites at www.extremeprophetic.com to help build your site, if you wish. We also have a number of template forms, posters, etc.  which might be helpful for you to customise to your church.


9. We are happy to either use local worship team or else we will use CD worship and will choose songs that work with the messages. If this is the case, then a CD player will be required in the venue as well as a sound person to operate it. We will bring accompanying overheads transparencies and/or PowerPoint.
10. Please feel free to record the school, but we ask a few things:
a. Please give the team a set of the CD recordings before they leave or mail them to our UK office: see Contact Us
b. If students want to purchase the entire set of school CD, we ask them to purchase the official set available at the resource table.
c. If a registered student misses a session, they may purchase that one individual CD (if you wish to make it available).


11. The hosting church is responsible for the school registrations. The registration fee will be charged to the student by the church in order to cover all the hosting expenses (i.e. airfare, accommodation, meals, etc) You can either include the school manual (£7 or 11 Euro) for each student or make the available for purchase at the registration table at the start of the School. Any extra monies collected that are above the expenses belong to the hosting church/ministry. We suggest a registration fee of about £25 – £30 (38 Euro - 45 Euro) per student depending on your expenses.
  12. We like to have a minimum of 90 - 100 students in Boot Camp. Some of these will be generated through our advertisements, but most of them will attend through your local relationships and advertisements.
  13. We have a policy that no one is turned away for lack of funds. We will give you a supply of manuals free of charge as a donation to your church. This can be used for your leadership and/or the those that cannot afford the registration fee.
  14. We allow “drop-in” students on the first night and following morning only. Churches usually charge about £15/22 Euro per session for the “drop-in” students and this includes a manual. This is a school so we need the students to commit so they are trained before doing the outreaches.
  15. If possible, we would like 1 or 2 volunteers to help with the book table. We would like this resource table set up in an accessible place, visible to the students as they arrive. We usually require 3 - 4 tables (2 metre ones) to hold the resources.


16. A prayer coordinator needs to be assigned by the hosting church to cover the school in prayer. We also have a team of intercessors praying for your school and your church.  A prayer outline will be sent to you upon booking a Boot Camp.
  17. Whilst we lead the school and our ministry accountability team offers spiritual covering, we request that the local ministry leader of the hosting church opens the sessions with a welcome, prayer, and a release for us and the team to minister.

      Send an email requesting a UK Prophetic Boot Camp School to info@extremepropheticuk.org & include the following information:  

Request a Prophetic Boot Camp
Name of Church
Location of Church (include full address)
Pastor or Leader's Name
Contact Person’s Name
Contact E-mail address
Contact Phone Number
Desired Date of School
Estimated number of students from your area.