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Extreme Prophetic Television with Patricia King is a half-hour program unlike anything else on Christian television. Patricia King demonstrates the transforming power of the love of Christ by unleashing the Holy Spirit through prophetic words, healing, deliverance, and simple compassion. The lost are transformed before our eyes, and hearts are ignited with fresh fervour for the Lord. Patricia and the Extreme Team take the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness of Las Vegas, the inner city of Vancouver, the streets of Hollywood, a brothel in Amsterdam, the decadence of Berlin, and elsewhere. The show also features solid Biblical teaching, interviews, and prophetic words from Patricia and guests like Cindy Jacobs, Bobby Conner, Graham Cooke, John Paul Jackson and Todd Bentley.

A light in the darkness

In 2003 I was disturbed by the numerous psychic shows springing up over the airwaves, preying on the thousands of spiritually hungry.  I wondered, "Where is the true prophetic voice of the Lord?"  Without finance, resource or know-how, the Lord guided our ministry to launch the show Extreme Prophetic TV with the primary goal of bringing His true prophetic voice of love and encouragement to the airwaves.  Although our first season was not technically where it should be, the heart of the show captured a nation-wide audience in Canada.  We partnered with The Miracle Channel, and launched the series in December 2003 and have aired weekly ever since.

Through our worldwide itinerant ministry we began to receive numerous requests for the show in the United States and Europe, prompting us to begin looking for broadcast partners in America and abroad.

The core mission of Extreme Prophetic is prophetic evangelism. We believe that light belongs in the darkness, and that everyone everywhere deserves to know that Jesus loves them and has life-changing words of knowledge, wisdom and encouragement for them.  Our show is a key element of that mission. And we believe that its message, purpose and unique look will bring an abundant and diversified audience to Christian stations and networks.

VISION: The power of God is testified to as well as demonstrated on Extreme Prophetic Television . Viewers are captured by way-out and glorious stories of supernatural phenomena and encounters, all couched in a program full of personality, controversy and favor! Our vision is to demonstrate the POWER of God to the millions who are gravitating to a spiritual experience. The program introduces spiritual terms and encounters in a natural and "non-religious" way. In a portion of the show called "Insights", Patricia King unfolds truth in a fresh, intriguing, and exciting manner concerning radical Biblical topics (such as Elijah's Disappearing acts, Ezekiel being lifted up by the locks of his hair, angelic visitations, dreams, visions, mercy and justice issues, and Last Days Apocalyptic concerns.) In the “God Says Hi!” segment specific words of knowledge are given to viewers to help them realize God is real, He knows everything about them, and that His heart is to love and encourage them in all that they do.

GUESTS: The program represents the voice of the Lord through His people. We feature many internationally renowned prophetic guests who have respected reputations for operating in the realm of the supernatural Additionally, others in the body of Christ (including children) who have significant and valuable words to share are featured to highlight to viewers that the prophetic is not just for a select few but that the Lord pours out this gift on all flesh. The program contains live, on-site action in addition to studio interviews, teaching segments, and a segment for the expression of prophetic words, words of knowledge, and healing ministry to viewers. The guests, along with Patricia deliver these expressions of the Lord.

PERSONALITY: The following are adjectives and phrases that describe the personality of the program: Intimate, vibrant, vulnerable, humorous, wild, relatable, disarming, unrestrained and non-religious. Full of camaraderie, personality, intimacy, and energetic interplay, Extreme Prophetic TV creates a sense of inclusion for the audience. This is not your standard-issue Christian Teaching Television Program! Extreme Prophetic TV is different from the norm, mold-breaking, controversial, and unafraid to speak and demonstrate that which is real even if it might be challenging to some. Extreme Prophetic TV is purposefully ”out-there,” unafraid to break into new territories.

VALUES: Impeccable Godly in character, nature, integrity, unconditional love, faith, theological soundness, humility, and generosity. We are absolute lovers of our King and His Kingdom values!